marți, 23 iunie 2015

Methods of promoting a massage salon in Bucharest

That can be a very interesting case study. 
We recently decided to resort to other methods of promotion I began to study the various websites SEO and as always is more difficult to promote websites that promote services that normally can not be promoted via the Google AdWords we decided to do an analysis of
It seems that most links come from legitimate sources as possible - quality blogs, bloggers who approach the subject of erotic massage in Bucharest, etc - so all things SEO for this type of project fits very well in the area of ​​white hat ( interesting - white hat for a field somewhere gr limit of legality) - but sisite site has some very clear disclaimers in legally - so hats off to those who deal with this business.
In terms of site responsive the website sits very well (it is mobile friendly - I have checked using the Google tool) - the content is completely original and created with great care - perhaps some of those girls have other tlents except massage thing.
So... have you learned from this site - where people had no choice but to deal carefully as possible of the SEO that with white hat techniques you can do very well.

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